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We have a fantastic community of patients at Tinnitus Talk and an unparalleled global reach.

We’re looking to partner up on research projects; with access to an unparalleled number of patients at Tinnitus Talk we are in a unique position. Our forum features on page one of Google for nearly all tinnitus treatments, sending a diverse range of browsers our way.

With the right project, something that the community can believe in and that genuinely helps in some way, we can deliver responses. Our first large survey achieved over 2000 responses across the first 3 days, primarily from newsletter readers. We achieved an average 90 daily respondents through a simple pop up on Tinnitus Talk.

If we have a project that has a true benefit and an outcome that can make a difference to the individual we could easily eclipse these numbers.

One thing that both our users and we share in common is the desire for a cure. The patient population in general feels frustration and impatience; why isn’t there a cure, why don’t we understand so much more, why are we not hearing of breakthroughs and feeling hope, where is the funding?

Our firm belief is that the involvement of the patients in seeding research, helping to further understand and test out theories has a vital part to play.

A real issue we have found with tinnitus patients is galvanising those with tinnitus into action. Through various schemes and plans it is plain that to play a part in a project, people need to really feel that what they are doing means something.

Of course each project means something to the researcher, it has its importance and is performing a function that can be part of a greater whole. To the patient however this is not always clear.

We want to work on research projects to help galvanise the community. We want to be pivotal in helping patients to play their part in the search for a cure.

We’re pleased with the numbers from our recent, first survey but we want more. Tinnitus Hub wants to play an integral part in pushing the agenda for tinnitus and getting the condition taken seriously.

Our survey results are available to all so that they can be analysed in far greater depth to look for correlations. Contact us to get your copy.

The general population is far more educated in the internet age. We believe that they are mostly equipped to be able to understand the research, when presented in a plain speaking format.

Our aim is to make a connection between the patient and the researcher, harness the power of the internet and help the patient be a much larger part of the research process.

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