About Us

A little something about Tinnitus Hub.

1. Social Enterprise

We are a social enterprise dedicated to helping everybody with tinnitus.
We are collaborating with the major charitable organisations to augment their excellent work.

2. Unique Services and Tools

At Tinnitus Hub, we will provide unique services and tools to promote tinnitus knowledge and awareness, offer support for tinnitus sufferers, and raise funds with the existing charities into the search for a cure.

3. Designed for everyone

Our project is designed for all, no exclusions. The core content will be completely free and easily accessible.

Social Statement

The Tinnitus Hub exists to inform and educate, expand the knowledge base and offer safe self-treatment solutions.

Our primary goal is to democratize tinnitus treatment. We are committed to creating and providing access to viable treatment techniques, either free or at a low cost to the customer. Although tinnitus cannot yet be cured, we want our users to be aware that relief is available.

We aim to further increase public knowledge about tinnitus. Our resources are designed to present information clearly and simply. All people, regardless of educational level, should be able to understand the basic ideas and principles around tinnitus. Our resources will educate consumers via comprehensive evidence reviews and exploration of various options at numerous price points – all in plain English.

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