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Tinnitus Research Initiative 2022 Conference in Herrsching

When Will We Finally Get a Voice in Tinnitus Research?

By Hazel Goedhart, Director of Tinnitus Hub

Imagine being invited to join a group holiday, only to find out you will be travelling to a destination that holds no interest for you. Everything is already decided, and what is worse, it seems that everyone except you was involved in the decision making. Yet, you feel compelled to join because you have no other options.

This is how I often feel when representing tinnitus sufferers in research projects. Over the years, we have built up an extensive network in research. We were invited as ‘partners’ or ‘advisors’ to various projects, but always after the research agenda, budget, and plans had been set in stone. It never felt like an equal partnership.

COVID-19 did not help. With in-person meetings suspended, we had fewer options for engaging with the research community. But that all changed last week when I attended two tinnitus research events in Germany. I packed my suitcase, excited to finally be representing our wonderful community again!
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TRI 2019 Tinnitus Research Initiative Taipei

Evolution, Revolution, Stagnation? – Exclusive Insights from #TRI2019

I already shared with you my general impressions of the tinnitus research field in our previous blog post. We had promised to follow up with a bit more detail on what actually went on at the Tinnitus Research Initiative (TRI) 2019 conference in Taipei, so here we go!

Since I spent most of my time conducting video interviews (they are coming soon, I promise!), I could hardly attend any of the talks. Here at Tinnitus Hub we’re all volunteers (who suffer from tinnitus ourselves) and we operate on a negligible budget. This meant I was alone at the conference, running around and trying to do a hundred things at once. It still stresses me out just thinking about it, haha.

And there were so many talks! The program entailed six keynote speeches, and 20 symposia – each of the latter including up to five different speakers.
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#TRI2019 Tinnitus Research Initiative Conference

Seven Things I Learned at the #TRI2019 Conference

Are you curious about what’s really going on in the world of tinnitus research? Here at Tinnitus Hub it’s part of our mission to keep you informed. We’re kicking off a big project this year, publishing a series of short video interviews with tinnitus researchers. But I’m getting ahead of myself… First, let me tell you a little bit about the Tinnitus Research Initiative (TRI) annual conference that I recently attended.
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Tinnitus Research Initiative 2018 Conference in Regensburg Germany

Tinnitus Research Initiative 2018 Conference in Germany

Day 1

I forget that my tinnitus can play up a little after long journeys. It’s not so bad after a night’s rest but still a bit louder than normal (whatever normal means, it’s hardly normal having tinnitus), what with the airplane dehydration and travel noise. I can’t really complain at 8 hours from my front door to a hotel front door in Bavaria, you have to think of our not too distant ancestors where a journey like this would be in the degree of weeks at best.
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ESIT Kick-Off (European School on Interdisciplinary Tinnitus Research)

ESIT — Landmark Partnership Between the Patient and Research Community

Hi all,

As associated partners of ESIT (European School on Interdisciplinary Tinnitus Research), we recently had the opportunity to take part in its kick-off meeting in the beautiful Herrsching am Ammersee, near Munich. Steve took a flight out and met with a large selection of the participants.

Each member of the group introduced themselves in a brief 3 minute spot and gave a little information on their role within the project. This was an excellent opportunity for the group to get to know one another. We also got a rundown of the 15 PhD’s, the recruitment processes and had time to talk to one another, and of course have some fine German beer by the lake.
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TINNET Mini-Conference in Madrid 2017

TINNET Mini-Conference in Madrid

I had an eventful flight, surrounded by a school exchange trip on their way back to Madrid. They had no volume control, just on or off. I managed to get stuck right in the middle of another school trip on the way back, I mean what are the odds… Landed, got to hotel, quick meal and sleep ready for the conference.

On Thursday the conference began, and I met up with Myra Spiliopoulou and her students Uli Niemann and Tommy Hielscher from University Magdeburg. We went through the findings so far on the data mining project involving Tinnitus Talk and some other tinnitus platforms. Myra also did a talk on the data on the following day of the conference.
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Munich Sunset

Can Patient Data Be the Best Tool for Tinnitus Researchers?

It’s been a pretty cool week. I don’t sleep well when I travel so the tinnitus has been loud, added to sitting up and paying attention all day, which gives me a stiff neck and makes it even louder. It’s mostly been pushed from the front of my thoughts however.

Following on from what was a really interesting week at TRI 16 in Nottingham, we were invited to a 2-day Think Tank in Munich, organised by the Tinnitus Research Initiative. The purpose was to discuss an app to help gather patient data and inform research – or to quote the theme – Ecological Momentary Assessment.
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Tinnitus Research Initiative 2022 Conference in Herrsching

When Will We Finally Get a Voice in Tinnitus Research?

By Hazel Goedhart, Director of Tinnitus Hub Imagine being invited to join a group holiday, only to find out you will be travelling …

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