Our Strategic Plan

We have defined the following strategic goals for Tinnitus Hub over the period 2020-2023:

  • 1. Improve and Innovate our Peer-to-Peer Support Features
    a. We will improve the Tinnitus Talk support forum, enhancing the user experience, making it easier for people to connect, and ensuring that users can easily find the help and information they seek.
    b. We want the forum to inspire users to work together to find solutions. We will build Tinnitus Talk as a platform for grassroots activities that benefit tinnitus patients and for involving the community in our projects.
    c. We aim to expand the reach of Tinnitus Talk in terms of user and visitor numbers.

  • 2. Provide Reliable Online (Self) Help Resources for Patients
    a. We will build patient resources that are objective and evidence-based, relating to tinnitus causes and (potential) treatments. This includes videos, podcasts, blogs, and interactive tools.
    b. We will provide concrete tools for patients to help themselves, e.g. through self-administered treatment in an app.

  • 3. Promote Cure-Focused Research through Data Gathering and Involvement
    a. We will continue to take part in tinnitus research consortiums, where we represent the patient voice.
    b. We will run at least two patient surveys with over 5,000 respondents and make this data available to credible academic researchers.
    c. We will seek to employ new ways of pushing the tinnitus research agenda in a more patient-centric and patient-driven direction.
    d. We will involve the Tinnitus Talk community directly in research collaborations.

  • 4. Seek Partnerships to Promote Awareness & Funding for a Cure
    a. We will target healthcare professionals to enhance their compassion and understanding of the condition.
    b. We will target policymakers to improve the state of tinnitus healthcare funding to find a cure.
    c. We will target industry decision-makers to focus more resources on cure-focused R&D for tinnitus.
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